The Why:

Bridging the worlds of professional sports, business, and entertainment, The Why is a new platform for guests to candidly share personal insights and road maps to their successes.  The podcast invites listeners to be the fly on the wall for one on one conversations and uniquely formed group conversations otherwise absent in today’s storytelling frenzy. We connect listeners to provocative journeys that will educate, entertain, and influence perceptions.

The Deep Dive:

Why do some individuals succeed, overcoming setbacks more easily than others?  Simply, Motivation. Motivation is the foundation for one’s “why.” Motivation is the secret sauce frothing one to the top.  

The Structure:

Each episode investigates guest’s inherent growth tendencies and innate psychological needs forming their basis of self-motivation and personality integration into their environment.  We center each discussion on loosely structured interviews where guests share stories of struggles, relationships, and opportunities. This informal conversation format fosters an energetic, authentic, and edgy environment where engaged guests candidly share and reflect on all things; connecting thoughts, emotions, and behavior.  Dafna’s style fosters empathy between listeners and guests, bringing guests on their own journey understanding the interplay between variables through life transitions and providing an exclusive connection to a “winner’s” mental aptitude .

The Team:

Host, Co-Creator, Exec Producer, Producer:  Dafna Aaronson, a pioneer in sport psychology, is at the helm as creator, executive producer, and host. The Why podcasts invite audiences into a niche space offering a humanizing dimension of professional sports and other self made success stories. The differentiator of The Why lies in Dafna’s role and ability to bridge the guest experts’ and guest athletes’ with current scientific and psychology research. (

Sammi Edelson (Season : EP & co-creator) continues building success across the entertainment industry. She co-founded Party of 7 and SAME projects focusing across all entertainment verticals alongside her biggest motivators, her family. Sammi has produced films, launched an artist management company, invested in startups including those aimed at new entertainment verticals and in the medical technology sector, and structured joint ventures with global impact companies to help build a better world.

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Dafna Aaronson, MA Sport Psychology

Dafna is a Sport Psychology Consultant working with the NY Mets and other professional teams and athletes. Her style reflects a strong interdisciplinary understanding across performance psychology and human analytics.  As a mental skills coach, her holistic approach is relationship based.  Focusing on the whole person optimizes full development as a performer and individual, building self-awareness, confidence, adaptive thinking, stress-energy management, leadership, attentional control, and imagery for individuals versus a one size fits all approach.  Her people analytic skills optimize scouting and player development practices.  

Dafna’s background includes competing for the University of Pennsylvania’s Varsity Track & Field team, while studying at Wharton and the School of Engineering. Since then, her experience includes Global HR Analytics project manager at Deutsche Bank, NY., and, after earning her Masters in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, starting her own mental skills and performance analytics consulting practice, Be Sports Minded LLC.  Combining people analytics with sport science and psychology, she developed a methodology, Future Advanced Scouting Talent (F.A.S.T.), enhancing scouting practices and proactively identifying necessary mental resources for player development. F.A.S.T. saves organizations significant time and potentially millions through reliable ROI information analytics. 

Learn more at and follow Dafna on Twitter @DafnaAaronson and Instagram: Be Sports Minded.